Sunday, September 4, 2011

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid Is Faster Than Carrera GT

The famous sport car maker Porsche have now announced that they will seriously consider producing the Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid concept they showed at the Geneva Motor Show last year. At the moment the reason cited is the overwhelming response from the public and consumers.

This move have the potential to create a new Porsche flag ship currently associated with the Porsche Carrera GT. The GT powered by 5.5 litre V10 engine that gives it 605 hp while in comparison the 918 Spyder Hybrid is powered by 3.4 litre V8 engine which gives 500 hp. However, because the 918 Spyder Hybrid has two electric motors on each of its axle, it could potentially reach 718 hp which is a lot more that what GT could provide. Granted that 918 Spyder Hybrid is some 300 pounds heavier than the GT.

With all of those power under its belt, the 918 Spyder Hybrid can get from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds with the top speed of 198 miles per hour. With its hybrid function on, the 918 can get the fuel efficient of an amazing 78 miles per gallon, however, the top speed will only be 94 miles per hour and for 25 miles distance before needing a recharge.

Although Porsche still needs to calculate the feasibility of producing another iconic car which can sometimes flop, the company is known for being the leader in automotive performance and technology. These days where more and more people are environmentally conscious, Porsche needs to maximize fuel efficient while at the same time not sacrificing performance, which is exactly what happen with the 918 Spyder Hybrid. Especially with the increasingly stringent emission standard in the US and Europe. The 918 Spyder Hybrid concept emit only 70 g/km of emission

In its press release Porsche said that they will develop the 918 Spyder Hybrid out of their factories in Weissach and assemble it in Zuffenhausen Germany.

Michael Macht, President and Chairman of the Board of Management of Porsche AG said that “Production of the 918 Spyder in a limited series proves that we are taking the right approach with Porsche Intelligent Performance featuring the combination of supreme performance and efficient drivetrain concepts. ”

Porsche currently has two other hybrid models, the Cayenne Hybrid SUV, currently on sale, and the Panamera Hybrid four-door hatchback, entering production soon. Porsche also has a hybrid race car competing in LeMans endurance races.

For interior, the 918 Spyder Hybrid driver and passenger are embedded in contoured sports bucket seats with its synthesis of efficient function and ergonomic high-tech operation offering an outlook at the interior architecture signaling a super sports cars of the future while the three free-standing circular dials for road speed (left), engine speed (middle) and energy management (right) would appear to come directly from a racing car in the ‘60s.

The centre console rising up towards the front in the 918 Spyder Hybrid houses a touch-sensitive surface for intuitive control of the car’s functions, serving consistently to reduce the number of visible controls and maintain the principle of direct operation.

The control units relevant to the driver are concentrated in particular on the three-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel, while the variable driving modes are supplemented by a map switch enabling the driver to call up various drive programs and serving as the push-to-pass button for E-boosting, for example when overtaking. Instrument illumination varies from green for the consumption-oriented running modes to red for the performance-oriented driving programs.

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