Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ferrari F142: continuing tests of the new F430

You can say the whole thing and the opposite of everything. The only certainty for now is the rate by means of which they appear tangible signs of street test: Ferrari has started the dynamic progress of the latest F142 this is the project code, Berlin Etta central motor to return the F430. Of good care: evolving return. Even if it is not known how motor trick: its propeller is aspirated or turbo? No hypothesis remainder, and together are valid. For now we have the body cut and sewn and bored, particularly in the rear slits on the side’s dell’estrattore.

Ferrari has begun its carcass testing programmer for the descendant to the F430. The car has a sticky label badge on the side of the window by means of the name “F142″ which is purportedly the nickname for it. The mule spy in these image looks like an F430 but it has larger air intakes and a wide central exhaust just under the digit plate at the rear. The wheel case at the front wheels is modified hint to a special wheelbase from the F430.

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